How Maksim Grinberg’s History Shaped the Man he is Today

Maksim Grinberg standing in front of a solid rock wall

Maksim Grinberg was born in a small town called Hristinovra, presently known as Ukraine. In 1991, Ukraine declared independence from the Soviet Union following an attempted coup in Moscow, proclaiming that the state would no longer follow USSR law.

This is the same year that Maksim Grinberg received an acceptance letter to the Kishinev School of Medicine. Due to the challenging political state, Maksim Grinberg’s parents made the decision to immigrate to the United States of America with him and his two siblings.

It is because of his history that Maksim Grinberg has such a unique perspective on life. He saw firsthand how the Jewish people were treated, how immigrants had to work three times as hard to put food on the table to support the family, and how he knew he was destined to make a difference.

Maksim Grinberg’s charitable work focuses on helping the Jewish community, the homeless community, his local community, and beyond. More recently, he has been involved in several prestigious projects that provide aid to the Ukraine crisis, including Save the Children, JDC, and Network for Animals to name a few.

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