Maksim Grinberg Will Not Overlook New York’s Elders

Maksim Grinberg in Battery Park

Maksim Grinberg donates to City Meals on Wheels to provide over 20,000 homebound elderly New Yorkers with nutritious meals and human contact every day of the year. Maksim is a strong supporter of the program and its goals, and his donation will help to ensure that the program can continue to provide meals and contact to those who need it most.

“I am committed to giving back to the community,” said Maksim Grinberg. “I am proud to support City Meals on Wheels and their efforts to improve the lives of so many elderly New Yorkers, a large part of the New York community who are almost always overlooked. I will not overlook them and do what I can to support them.”

Founded in 1981, City Meals on Wheels provides meals for homebound elders who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. In addition to providing nutritious meals, City Meals also offers social interaction and companionship. For many of the elders served by City Meals, this contact is the only human interaction they will have all day.

Maksim’s donation is an example of his commitment to giving back to the New York community, and it is hoped that his generosity will inspire others to do the same.

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