Maksim Grinberg Donates to Help Give More Books to Brooklyn Youth

Maksim Grinberg July 2022

We all know that reading is important, but did you also realize just how detrimental it can be when we don’t have enough books in our homes? Maksim Grinberg knows how important it is and why he sought out Brooklyn Book Bodega to make a charitable donation.

In a recent interview, Maksim Grinberg explained why he decided to donate to Brooklyn Book Bodega, a nonprofit organization that provides free books to children in underserved communities. “I believe that books have the power to transform lives,” Grinberg said. “They can open up new worlds of imagination and knowledge, and I want to make sure that all children have access to them.” Grinberg went on to say that he was impressed by the work that Brooklyn Book Bodega was doing to bring books to children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to read them. “I’m proud to support an organization that is making a difference in the lives of young people,” he concluded.

Brooklyn Book Bodega noted on their website that having about 100 books in the home yielded a reading performance 1.5 years higher than those with fewer books. This is why Brooklyn Book Bodega’s mission is to increase the number of 100 book homes in Brooklyn. Research shows that households with 100 books boost life outcomes for children and adolescents.

In an international study, book availability in the home was the most significant predictor of readers’ performance on assessments. It suggests that having more volumes available has major benefits.

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