Maksim Grinberg Helps to Make an Impact on the Global Vision Care Crisis

Maksim Grinberg 2022

Maksim Grinberg is a New York based philanthropist and entrepreneur who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. He has been involved in the vision industry for many years and has seen firsthand the challenges that people face when they do not have access to quality eye care.

That is why he decided to make a donation to OneSight, an independent nonprofit that is working to eradicate the vision care crisis for good. OneSight and Deloitte partnered to conduct an extensive study, which found that 1.1 billion people worldwide suffer from vision loss and lack access to vision care.

OneSight provides solutions, people, and resources to help those in need get the eye care they deserve. Their work so far has resulted in the following work across 53 countries: 1,944 charitable clinics and 197 sustainable centers.

OneSight got its start in 1988 with the idea to give away 25 pairs of glasses to local kids who couldn’t afford them. With Grinberg’s support, OneSight will be able to continue its work and make a lasting impact on the lives of those it serves.

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